Sunday, October 29, 2017

Discovery reflection term three

This term I have done mosaics, made a mansion (out of boxes), baking and lots of other things. This is a lovely classroom with lovely teachers that give me so many possibilities with learning.

While doing these activities I have achieved so many things, learnt to try something different, be patient and last but not least - TO NOT FORGET MY STUFF!

I have been challenged to be patient and achieve a good result. When I first started in room 11 I thought that discovery time was just free time. But over the weeks I found out that you needed to discover new things that you haven't found out yet, such as how to make chocolate cake. Did you know chocolate cake mix can come from a box? I overcame my challenge by learning that if you're patient and you take your time it makes a very, very good result, you should see our mosaics.

In term four I look forward to making more and more amazing things. When I get to high school I will remember to always be patient and I will always achieve a good result. Remembering my stuff is learning in progress for now.

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