Sunday, October 29, 2017

Arts reflection

This term we have been learning the elements of dance and drama. On the rubric I put my learning at relational and extended abstract because I can use the elements of dance and drama in a performance. I have learnt this term what locomotive and
non-locomotor movement means.

Non-locomotive means not moving your feet but you can still bend, stretch, push, pull, and swing. Locomotive means you can stroll, jump, climb, scamper and gallop in a space.   Next time I will learn what duration and accent means and I can improve by giving support and practical advice to others.

In our performance we created a dance about growing up.   We believe the heart of Waimairi is all about the kids growing up through the years. These are some of the elements we used in our dance: Tempo, quality, body shape, locomotor and non locomotor movements, body base and pathways. These made our dance performance better because it made it more eye-catching, enthusiastic, entertaining and interesting.

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