Sunday, September 24, 2017

Up To Trouble

Childhood memories, some pass and some you just can't forget. Like the time I spread poo all over the wall because I didn't want to have a nap.  Or the time I was singing with an imaginary friend. I've got two memories to share with you today.

One weekend when I was three years old there was a surprise happening. I asked mum and dad if they could “Peas spill the beans they were thinking about.”  They said no but they told me we were going on a plane. I had never been on a plane before.

Once we were finally at our holiday destination i went off to explore the cool playground. It had a swing set. There was a tall fence with metal diamond holes. I thought I could stick my little hands through the holes but it was my bedtime so I had to wait till the next morning.

In the morning I went out to explore once more the play area. Mum popped in the play area. “This is the kiddie part. I don't want to play here, I'm all grown up,” I told mum. Mum tricked by telling me this was the big kids area and I could play in it. I fell for the trick. I sat next to the fence.  That’s when I spied a fish, a little green fish, through the hole on the other side of the fence.

I tried to touch the little green fish, but my arm wasn't long enough.
I put my little feet through the hole and they fitted. Then I put my hand through a different hole. I had begun climbing.  I felt myself getting higher and higher until I had reached the top of the fence. I looked down, it didn't look too high to me. Then I climbed down. I found myself down on the ground but on the other side of the fence!

I found a new fishy, this one was pink. Then I found an orange one and then a whole lot more. One of the workers at the resort spotted me, an escapee, and picked me up and took me to the other side where my mum was. I told mum all about that fishy family.

That’s a memory I won’t forget in a hurry.  I wonder if this next memory will be hard to forget too.

One morning I went to kindergarten. It was playtime. I had made a castle, a sandcastle and I called it castlely. When another kid came along I said in a big nagging voice “What is the password? What is the password?” Until he left.  I said in a big, bold voice “Don't come back!!!!!!!!”
Everyone tried to go on my sand until the teacher came out and told me to share the sand with everyone else. She tried to sit next to me on the sand. It was silent until I said in a nagging voice “What is the password? What is the password? What is the password?”

She told me off.  I knew what was coming to me, time out.  At this kindy, if you went in time out you didn't get to bake.  I loved baking, it was my favourite thing to do. On that particular day my castle won. I just wanted to be queen all day long.  

These childhood memories I just can't forget. Some childhood memories I want to hang onto, but some, like getting told off at preschool or losing my favourite teddy, I just want to leave in the past. Either way, childhood memories can be entertaining things.

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