Sunday, September 24, 2017

How Do Planes Fly?

How do planes fly?

How do planes fly?  Have you ever wondered? Have you ever wished you could BUT you can't and planes can. I wonder why? Once you have read this writing hopefully you will understand.
Four forces of flight
Lift is a force that works against weight and is created by the wings. Lift is a force the helps the plane off the ground and it is created by the wings. Did you know that lift holds the plane in the air?
Drag is a force generated by every by part of the airplane. It slows the plane down and helps it to land.

Thrust is a force which moves an aircraft through the air, and the more thrust you give the faster you will go.  Thrust is used to overcome drag.

Weight is a force that pulls objects down to earth. Lift works against weight. Newton developed his theory of gravitation when he was only twenty three years old, and published the theories with his laws of motion some years later.

Explanation about planes

Planes fly because of the four forces lift, drag, weight and thrust.
We are going to talk about the most important part of the plane which is the wings because they create the lift and help turn the plane. The second most important thing is the fuselage because it is the body of the plane. Number three is the cockpit because it has all the controls, and that is where the pilot flies the plane. Number four is the rudder and the vertical stabilisers. These help because they steer  the plane left to right. The fifth most important thing is the propeller because it helps with cutting through the air. Number six is the aileron and the flaps because it also helps move the plane left to right, these things are all important because the plane needs all of them to fly.


Overall flying is like a game of tug a war. Thrust pulls against drag, and weight pulls against lift, all trying to get their way. Now that you have read this writing you no longer have to wonder how planes fly, you know.

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