Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Discovery reflection 🐡

My favourite thing during discovery times was probably baking a cake because when we got stuck we used a really good idea to get unstuck. My challenge probably was when I was doing gymnastics, I tried to do a backbend and slipped. When I was doing craft my challenge was finding the right equipment for the right stuff,and gluing my creations in the right way and place. I overcame these challenges by persevering, asking for help, keeping a positive attitude, trying other ideas other,moving on and then coming back to it. 
The new skills I learnt was backbending and baking a cake.  

I've been working on including others. I've been challenged by it because I wanted to make a dance with Tiffany, Sophie and Daisy, then Izzy wanted to join in too.  Izzy didn't know how to do the dance moves and we were close to finishing and I wanted to say go away but I didn't, I said “Do you want to be in my dance?” and she said “Yes”. I felt good about doing that, that's the power of being kind. The key competencies I became better it was taking turns and being responsible because at the first discovery I felt like I just wanted to do what I wanted to do. Now I'm better at being responsible and taking turns because I worked hard to try and fix my behaviour and and how I act. Overall I feel proud and happy with my learning in discovery.  In term four I’m looking forward to working with different people and having-a-go at different stuff.

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