Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Speech 🎬

Have you ever had to watch the news with your mum and dad and seen the terrible things that happen?  The bombs, the war, the fighting, the destruction, the injuries... it's terrible!!                                                           

In many countries there is fighting and struggling but we're lucky because in New Zealand we have peace but….. You can still have a lot of fights at school with your friends and at home with your family. They may not be as big as the wars on TV - there’s no bombs and nobody dies, but they still leave you feeling bad and sad and disappointed and frustrated.  Don't you think the world be a better place if everyone got along?

Let me tell you something about my family.  My Great uncle and my great grandad were both involved in World War Two. Luckily they both came home but were injured and one of them never walked again.  My great cousin died in a war.  If everyone got along there would be no wars so that tragedy wouldn't have happened to my family. Over 77 million people died in world wars 1 and 2 and that means that's over 77 million people's families are sad -  all because people couldn’t get along. that's what I want to fix. 

One of the worst places that I think fighting can happen is at school with your friends. I've been through that as well as some of you in the room. I'm going to tell you a little bit about my problem. Well one of  my best friends and I had something to share with the class but then she had to go to piano and I was supposed to wait for her.  I was meant not to share our news that day at all but I did anyway and she came back and found out that I did it without her. She didn't talk to me for two hours that's when I said sorry.  at first it didn't work but then the second time it did and she said sorry too. Life is much more comfortable and happy when everyone gets along!

Fighting also happens at home. My little sister and I fight about the littlest things and she's a tattle-tale who goes running to mum and dad. Of course I act innocent but I’m not always…… it’s annoying when we fight - our household is much more calm and fun with lots less screaming when everyone gets along. 

I think if you help me on my project the world would be a better place. To  ensure you get along with others try some of this advice … walking away when someone is arguing with you and stressing you out, think before you speak, treat others how you would like to be treated, encourage people, supporting them, if saying sorry doesn't work once try again and be humble. I guarantee that if you try to do all those things it will make the world a better place. 

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