Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Speech reflection­čôŁ

I'm most proud of the way I asked for help and didn't stay stuck because I couldn't find the right  topic. I really enjoyed the part when I found the right topic then the flow began, I just started blurting it out, I loved it. It started getting easier and easier.  When I was writing my speech the hardest thing was probably to make it sound enthusiastic and snazzy at the same time. I overcame the challenge because I did heads down, bums up and just thought for a couple of minutes and that's when I found the right idea.   Overall I feel happy that I completed a well thought out speech.  I love the way I used interesting language features to make a picture in the heads of the audience.

As I practiced my speech out loud I tried to keep a straight face when something was sad. I tried to use an expressive voice and hand gestures. I tried to do as much movement as I could and I tried to use different voices.   I think I did  the following things well when I was presenting it to the class - I stood up tall, spoke nice and loud  and I said it in a cool way that it just made sense.  My challenge was to make eye contact,  show how disappointed I was, make that right connection with the audience and get over my nerves.  I overcame my first challenge, I thought everyone was a giant chocolate cake and that fixed the first one. I tried to think that I did something wrong to show a disappointed feeling.  I tried to make it snazzy and stand out so everyone would look at me and listen.  To get over my nerves I didn't know what to do and then it clicked, I  used my nerves to give me energy. 

Overall I feel amazing about the presentation of my speech because it was a challenge. Everyone did well but it was amazingly hard especially when I tripped up.   

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