Sunday, May 1, 2016

Soundscape learning reflection

This term I created a soundscape to accompany the poetic memoir I wrote. The soundscape helps to evoke the emotions I feel in that place, doing things with my special people.  I used GarageBand to do this.

My learning is at extended abstract because I can create music (soundscape) using musical elements to create the intended mood or emotion to support the story, poem or picture I learnt how to record and change the tempo and how to change the dynamics and how to change the emotions to happy, sad, puzzled, nervous, cheerful and a lot more. I choose cheerful because my place makes me feel cheerful. It took me one day to fix the tempo and dynamics.

I can teach others to create music showing mood/emotion. I act as a role model for others to help them create music showing mood. I seek feedback on how to improve the music I have created to show mood/emotion of story poem or picture. 

My next step is to take more opportunities to teach people how to create music using Garageband.

This is my soundscape:


  1. I totally loved your soundscape because it is interesting to reed.

  2. It totally shows that you love learning last term